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Product Survey

Thank you for taking the time to test our product! We look forward to hearing your feedback.
Did Homindy's Itch Relief work for you?
What type of irritation did you use it on?
How long did you feel relief with the spray?
On your initial use, how many sprays did you use per application?
Did you re-apply?
If no, skip this question. If yes, how often did you re-apply?
How important is it that Homindy's Itch Relief is completely organic?
As you know we are pro-chill and recommend refrigeration for optimum results. Did you store it in the refrigerator?
If no, skip this question. If yes, was this bothersome?
Where would you expect to purchase this product?
At what price point would you value this organic product?

And if you wouldn’t mind if we shared your comments on our website, please fill out the details below so we can post your testimonial.


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