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Our Story

Homindy harnesses nature to bring you soothing relief from itchiness. We believe in green goodness. Organic optimism. And natural comfort for all. Why? Because we are front porch ‘frontierors’. And with the discovery of a combination of natural herbs, we’re now bringing you the frontiers of science. 


The heart of the heartland is where we habitat. Middle America. Known for weather that changes on a whim. We are constantly battling the elements. With all the seasons, we experience all the itches. From dry skin in the winter, to mosquito bites in the summer. Homindy is your all season itch relief go to no matter what your itch. And did we mention it works with itching related to burns too? For all these reasons, we consider ourselves itch artists and scratch scientists. 


So we bring you organic itch relief spray. Powered by plants. Good for nature. Good for you. Bad for general itchiness. Bye-bye irritants. Hello relief.

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