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Below are testimonials from Homindy customers demonstrating

the breadth of uses and itch relief from across the country and Ireland.

“Thank you for the opportunity to review your product, Homindy. I just can’t say enough good things about the product. My first experience with Homindy was after working in the yard, and then going into the house with my lower legs and especially my ankles covered in welts from more than likely, mosquito bites. I was absolutely desperate to stop the itch. I grabbed the bottle of Homindy out of the refrigerator, liberally spraying and prepared to continue spraying however many times necessary…anything to stop the itch. Honestly, I couldn’t believe it but the relief was almost instantaneous. The cold Homindy itch relief spray hit the welts and the itch was gone and didn’t return although it took several hours for the welts to go away. It was literally instant relief!

A few days later while my handyman was here working I noticed he just couldn’t stop scratching. He had been fishing the day before and his forearms were practically raw from scratching the bites. He said he had tried everything and just wouldn’t stop the itch. I gave him the bottle of Homindy and the relief was almost visible on his face…no more itch. Great product!”

Janice M.

Fort Myers, FL


"I used Homindy Itch Relief spray once on my sunburned face, and felt relief in a few seconds. I did not re-apply until the next day! I felt relief again within seconds."

Nick K.

St. Louis, MO


"Since it’s best kept chilled, I’d say it feels like it’s working immediately, like a breath of fresh air! Also, I used it on my back-much easier to spray than try to apply lotion!"

Suzy V.

Brooklyn, NY

"I like that I could spray on poison ivy vs. creams and lotions I have used in the past. Not ideal to touch the poison ivy to get relief."

Ben B.

Fairway, KS 

"I work at a plant store so we often get mosquitos around June-August. It can be very irritating not having effective itch relief, however Homindy itch relief spray has been incredibly convenient for me and my coworkers."

Dutch F.

Kansas City, MO


“This product it amazing! As a sufferer of psoriasis, with Homindy, I finally have a natural skin product that delivers on anti-itch and healing! The product comes in a compact spray bottle, making it a perfect on the go solution, especially while traveling. One quick spray is all I need for hours of relief. It quickly has become the product I never am without!”

Stacey B.

Omaha, NE


"My daughter has very sensitive skin so she was very nervous to try the product. She loved it and has actually claimed it as her own!"

Jami D.

Denver, CO


“Living in Florida “no seeims” and mosquitoes are in abundance, particularly in the wet season. I have used Homindy spray on a number of occasions as it is a naturally formulated product and the results have been very impressive, relieving the itch and swelling. I can highly recommend it.”

Fintan M.

Fort Myers, FL

"Definitely helped my itch on multiple bites. The itch was annoying me every 15 to 30 minutes, with your product I didn’t notice it for a half day plus."

Jim H.

Fairway, KS


“Homindy’s Itch Relief feels so light on the skin, and not like I’m caked and coated with a smelly mess as with other anti-itch creams. Spraying it without having to touch my skin is helpful, too.”


Ann S.

Tucson, AZ


“I was pulling weeds in one of my flower beds two days ago and certainly interrupted new Mosquitoes. By dinner I had welts all over my neck and face. I used that handy little bottle which quelled the itch immediately. What’s more it lasted well into the following day to kill the itch!

Amazing stuff.”

Barbara R.

Hawthorne, NJ


“I wanted to write a short email to let you know that Homindy works any time of the year! 


It is Chigger, Gnat and Mosquito season here in Arkansas! I love Homindy as my “go to” remedy for any stinging and biting insect. Homindy immediately stops the itch from a bite, whether delivered in the spray or cream form. I find that Homindy needs to be applied 3 to 4 times a day to keep the itch under control and the redness from spreading. Homindy is the only product that I found to effectively treat Chigger bites! I am completely convinced that Homindy is an effective product on insect bites, rashes and itching related to burns. Thank you for such a wonderful product!


Thank you! You may use this testimonial as an example of satisfaction from a loyal customer! Have a wonderful day!”


Candy H.

Bella Vista, AK

“I absolutely hate mosquito bites! Almost immediately after I am bitten, I develop large itchy welts that I can’t stop myself from scratching. Since I was introduced to Homindy, I have relief.  After spraying Homindy on my bites, I feel relief from the itching almost immediately, which prevents me from further scratching. My mother also puts it on everyone’s burns. As a teenager who has recently taking up baking, it has been so nice to have relief for the burns on my hands and fingers. I highly recommend Homindy to anyone who wants to live without the itch and pain associated with bites and burns.”

Ellie W.

Kansas City, MO

“My daughter was age 13 when she caught the chicken pox and as they say they’re definitely worse when you’re older! She was going out of her mind with the itch, she tried gels and mousse’s specifically for the chicken pox from the chemist but unfortunately they did not work! Until I found Homindy spray, it was an instant relief for her from the itch. This worked wonders for her.”

Shauna B.

Moville, Ireland

“I struggle with dry skin living in Colorado and after using the product for a very short period of time my “bumps” sent away! I am a very loyal user.”


Chuck L.

Denver, CO

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