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Natural Itch Relief

Natural Itch Relief

For optimum results, refrigeration recommended for cooling relief. 


  • About Homindy's Organic Anti-Itch

    Homindy’s organic itch spray is plant based with all ingredients grounded in nature. Revive is a totally natural combination of extracts from carefully selected herbs whose benefits have been long known for their effectiveness. Each ingredient has a history of its specific ability to relieve discomforts from skin irritation and itching.

    Revive instantly soothes a variety of skin irritations from mosquito bites to dry skin and itching related to burns.  

  • Product Details


    30 ml / 1 fl oz



    Spray affected area until moist and allow to air dry. Apply as needed.


    Aqueous extracts from one or more various herb families such as cinnamon, honeysuckle, burdock and milkvetch.



    External use only. Do not apply spray to eyes. Discontinue if condition worsens.


    What We're Not

    Alcohol free. No preservatives. Lavender free. Steroid free. Chemical free.

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